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Note: these pages are graphics-intensive.  Because compression of images reduces their quality, none of that is done solely in the interest of convenience.  If you are using a slow internet connection or an inefficient browser, pages can take a while to load.  I believe, however, that you will find any wait to be worthwhile.

Hiking Trails

More than one global explorer has concluded that the best overall hiking on the planet is in the Sierra Nevada.  I couldn't agree more, although there are other wonderful places to enjoy as well.  When I am surrounded by heather, phlox, and some running water, all is right with the world.  Join me on walks to some beautiful spots, and plan on stopping to smell the flowers.


Waterfalls are the very best thing.  Many well-known examples are represented here, along with some personal favorites.  For my money, Vernal Falls in Yosemite is the world's most special place; you might prefer one of the others.


High-resolution photographs taken on hikes and travels.

Garden Flowers

These specimens are found primarily in cultivated gardens.


A small sampling accumulated on travels and hikes.

Petroglyphs & Pictographs

A collection of petroglyphs and pictographs drawn by our Native Americans.


Arches and natural bridges, nature's most fascinating land formations, are a lot of fun to visit and explore.

Roadside Attractions

The lighter side of traveling by car.


Some publications are just too special not to be mentioned here.

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