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“Everyone should believe in something.  I believe I'll go hiking.”  —Ted 

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Hikes are evaluated subjectively, based upon actual experiences.  Criteria include scenery, climatic conditions, status of wildflowers and stream flow, companionship, and relative success of cross-country ventures.  Barring an injury, virtually every hike is worthwhile; any non-zero rating indicates that some enjoyment was had.  Call it a "fun factor".

Be aware that I am partial to running water and alpine environments; outings with those features do earn higher ratings.  Unless otherwise specified, all trails are in northern California, particularly the Sierra Nevada.


Repeat outings are included only when significant new material is available.  Any page that substantially duplicates a previous walk is flagged with the [ID#] of the most recent prior visit.


Elevation designations for mountains, lakes, and trailheads are generally derived from USGS topographic maps.  No credence is lent to untrusted sources.  Be aware, however, that said documents can be up to sixty years old or even more, and that official measurements have undergone a wholesale technological overhaul in recent decades, resulting in a revision of virtually all survey numbers.

On these pages, mountain peak elevations denoted in feet (13061') are derived from map data.  Those listed with an asterisk (14179*) reflect the more current estimates as published by the National Elevation Dataset (NED), a product of the U.S. Geological Survey.  Modern adjustments have been as much as several hundred feet.  Unfortunately, updates for lakes and other features are not so readily available.


In order to ensure top-quality image presentation, no thumbnail graphics are used.  This means that pages will load somewhat more slowly than might otherwise be the case.  Please be patient; it's in a good cause.

Utilize your browser's full-screen feature (F11) for viewing.  Most images can be be enlarged to 1024×768 or greater pixel resolution, and saved as such if so desired.  Just Left-Click once or twice as necessary to expand a picture, or Right-Click to save it.

Graphics labeled with a "⇔" have a greater resolution — usually 2000×.
"⇔⇔" indicates a different view "behind" the first one.

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