Ted's Bridge World Editor's Choice Play Problems

Thousands of play problems have been published, dating back more than 120 years to the days of whist — the forerunner of bridge.  Many of them stumped the best analysts of the day; some continue to do so.

It is unfortunate that the origins of some layouts have been credited to differing composers; even more unfortunate is that certain claims of authorship are suspect.  I have included the composer's name only wherever I am satisfied as to its authenticity.  The titles themselves are homemade.

This collection celebrates sure-trick problems —  ones in which the solver is challenged to achieve a specified goal.  Enjoy this sampling of the best of the best — plus a few of my own.

After your due diligence, click on an Answer for the solution.

- Double Dummy -

 1.   Double Double Whammy – A Answer
 2.   Double Double Whammy – B Answer
 3.   In Denial Answer
 4.   Transporter Answer
 5.   Moon Rocks Answer
 6.   Riding the MTA Answer
 7.   Mama Told Me Answer
 8.   What's It All About? Answer
 9.   Symmetry Answer
10.  Mortician Answer
11.  Pentathlon Answer
12.  Down for the Count Answer
13.  Moysian Madness Answer
14.  Trojan Horse Answer
15.  Hidden Jewel Answer

- Single Dummy -

 1.   Apocalypse Answer
 2.   Economy Answer
 3.   Control Freak Answer
 4.   One Hundred Percent Answer
 5.   Minor Nuisance Answer
 6.   Decisions, Decisions Answer
 7.   Counter Intuitive 1 Answer
 8.   Counter Intuitive 2 Answer
 9.   Providence Answer
10.  Plethora Answer
11.  Red Shift Answer
12.  Trickle-Down Investment Answer
13.  The Old Salt Answer
14.  Slam Dunk Answer

- Miniatures -

 1.   The Whitfield Eight Answer
 2.   The Whitfield Six Answer
 3.   A Fitting End Answer

- Inferential Problems -

 1.   Clearing the Way Answer

- Fairy Problems -

 1.   Suppression Answer
 2.   The Charmin Answer


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