Ted's Bridge World Problems

Double Double Whammy, Part B

by Ted Muller


South to make 7
Opening lead: 10

This hand features the same unique combination of plays found in Part A of this problem — a knockout squeeze that sets up an entry-shifting squeeze.  There is an additional wrinkle, in that west is subjected to two different types of squeezes on successive tricks!

The opening lead must be taken by the spade jack this time.  There is more flexibility in this layout, as dummy has a superfluous entry.  The most elegant line is: club king; diamond to the king; club ace, pitching a heart; heart to the ace; diamond ace, pitching a heart.  That leaves this position:


A heart is ruffed with the spade queen, and west feels the knockout punch.  Although his trump has no real material value, it needs to go away before the next coup can function.  Since a discard in a minor would enable that suit to be established and cashed as trumps are drawn, west obliges by under-ruffing with his ten of spades.  Now the spade king is led, overtaken if west discards a diamond.

As in Part A, no choice of opening lead hinders the formation of a requisite end-position.

I hope that you have enjoyed my problem.

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