Ted's Bridge World Problems

Red Shift

by George Coffin


South leads the 6.
East to make 6NT against any defense and distribution.

East wins the opening spade lead as west discards a red card — say, a diamond.  Declarer leads the 2.  If south follows low, west inserts the nine-spot, assuring five tricks in the suit.  Alternatively, if south plays an honor, declarer ducks, and he will know what to do next.

If south shows out on the first heart lead, then the K is taken and attention is diverted to diamonds.  Dummy leads a low diamond, east trying the jack unless the queen appears.  This guarantees four diamond tricks unless south shows out, in which case the proven heart finesse yields three tricks in each suit.

Trap: the usual safety play of the A fails when south shows out, as dummy has insufficient entries for a lead toward the J and a later run of the suit.  Also, if south plays the Q on the lead of the deuce, the king must not be taken, lest north show out!  Again, there are insufficient entries to combat the suit blockage.

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