Ted's Bridge World Problems

Hidden Jewel

borrowed from Ely Culbertson


South to make 6NT against any defense.

West's club lead (as good as any) is taken by the ace.  Diamonds are finessed, and declarer arranges to win five diamond tricks and the two top hearts irrespective of west's choice of plays, to this position:


When north's last diamond is played off and another spade is discarded from south, west is caught in a "strategy squeeze".  He wants to keep a long club if possible; but discarding down to a singleton ace of spades would be fatal, so another club must go away.  Now declarer plays a club to the king and this ending:


When the club jack is led to the queen, east is squeezed for real in an unusual situation.  Being forced to guard hearts, a spade discard allows declarer to set up the spade ten for the slam-going trick.

Had Culbertson not arbitrarily dealt south a meaningful spade spot, there would have been no story to tell.

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