Ted's Bridge World Problems

Riding the MTA

by Nils Traane


South to make 7
Opening Lead: 9

This nifty layout utilizes a double transfer squeeze, which is quite rarely seen.

Declarer wins the A and finesses in diamonds.  Trumps are drawn, then the J is led, covered and won by south, transferring the heart guard to west.  A trump is played off; west pitches a club, dummy a heart, and east a diamond.

On the next trump lead, west is squeezed in three suits, and must unguard a minor; dummy discards in the other minor, and so does east.  Declarer now leads the 9, covered and won in dummy; this transfers the heart guard back to east.

If west has unguarded clubs, then, A, club to the king, and the lead of the last trump squeezes east in hearts and clubs.  If instead west has unguarded diamonds, then the A-K of clubs are cashed, and playing off the last spade squeezes east in hearts and diamonds.

Note: an initial lead of a lesser club would have defeated the contract.

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