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“In fact the smallest units of matter are not physical objects in the ordinary sense; they
are forms, ideas which can be expressed unambiguously only in mathematical language.”
    — Plato  (the apparent father of quantum theory!)

There are an estimated 1.618 million web sites dedicated to recreational mathematics.  Many of them feature interesting and useful material; but there is mammoth duplication of content.  I strongly desire not to contribute to the clutter, hoping to offer perspectives sufficiently unique that they will not be encountered elsewhere.

Doubtless these materials will interest only a small percentage of visitors.  No advanced learning is required here, though; a reasonable awareness of high-school math is sufficient.

The Root of the Matter

A Challenge to Mathematicians:  Solve the "Black Box" Puzzle

A Special Continued Fraction for Square Roots

Pencil & Paper Square Roots Using Continued Fractions

Mental Arithmetic

Some Tips & Tricks for Mental Calculations

Be Your Own Perpetual Calendar — Calculate Dates in Your Head

Magic with Calculators

The articles in this section are designed to be assimilated in numeric sequence.  Each page features ideas or methods previously introduced.

1: Introduction to Programming a Four-Function Calculator

2: Integer Powers

3: Integer Roots

4: Trigonometry

5: Compound Interest

6: Logarithms

7: Extra Decimals for Square Roots

8: Some Arithmetic Shortcuts

Random Recreations

Squaring the Square

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