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Do you still play Stayman?  Is your game languishing in flawed popular methods such as Fourth Suit Forcing and Jacoby Two Notrump?  Are you weary of contributing only green cards to the opponents' notrump auctions?  Do you persist in telling the defenders everything about declarer's hand before their opening lead?  If so, then you are behind the curve, and a new mindset is in order.

Welcome to the world of the X-Men.  As we employ a lot of x-fers (get it?), and since most players feel that our stuff is from outer space anyway, the designation seems appropriate.  A proponent of our methods can expect the following:

Be aware that these conventions are living organisms, subject to improvement and new inspiration; the latest revision dates are reflected in the tables.

Most of the modern ideas were conceived by Albert Chow, although a couple of adjuncts are my own.  For more than thirty years, I have served as chief guinea pig and word-processor.

I also have included a homemade old favorite that is supported by indulgent partners.

New Age Stuff

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