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November 9, 2016

Many Americans think of 9-11 as the worst thing ever to happen to their country, at least in their lifetimes; but as of 11-08, that has changed.  Nearly half of the nation's voters decided that the President of the United States should have these qualifications:

Those "features" were routinely (and proudly) demonstrated and/or affirmed throughout the presidential campaign; and that's just a partial listing.

Shortly after the election, a list of the new administration's top priorities was published.  It includes such idiotic mandates as:

The potential decimation of our nation and its society doesn't end there.  The new president's announced choices of top-level cronies are even uglier and more despicable than he is.  The mere mention of some of the names is sufficient to cause any decent person to spew his bile, just as the president-elect did during the entirety of his campaign.  The mind boggles at the prospect of the amount of progress that might be undone in the next four years alone.

Perhaps most unfortunate of all is the patent stupidity regarding the fact the we all inhabit a living, evolving planet.  Although it is certain that many detractors of climate change are lying solely because their companies are faced with the expectation of increased costs of dealing with reality, for the national government to remain officially ignorant is a virtual guarantee that our country will not properly prepare for the inevitable, and that the future of the human race itself is in increased jeopardy.

I fear, dear voter, that your true colors may have surfaced recently, based upon these irrefutable correlations:

The 2016 election was not decided by conscientious voting; but it was heavily influenced by Russian meddling, corrupt FBI intervention, and the morons on Facebook to whom facts are irrelevant.  Apparently it actually is true that any fool can make a rule and every fool will mind it; for that is the order of the day in the social media.

But hey — what do I know?  Since the president-elect also considers the truth to be irrelevant, perhaps his official actions will countermand everything that he claimed to stand for during the campaign!  Wouldn't that be a kick?  Either way, though, we all are in for four years of lies, hypocrisy, lies, environmental destruction, and lies.

Is change needed in Washington?  You betcha.  A lot of it.  Having the Orange Hitler in charge, however, is a big goose-step in the wrong direction.

Mr. Spock might have been more prophetic than was intended in an old Star Trek episode.  Upon learning that the object of his romantic interest was herself a truly ugly and despicable person, Spock remarked to his rival suitor that, "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting."

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