Ted's Soapbox

“The truth cannot hurt an honest person.”  —Ted 

The World is Fucked

When a truly disgusting and heinously unqualified person can actually be elected President, is there any hope for either this nation or the planet itself?

Your Economic Future

This article is intended solely as food for thought.  If you are looking for a hot stock tip or the like, then this page is not for you.  If, however, you are genuinely concerned about the social and financial well-being of yourself, your family, and your descendants, then you might consider these words — published in 2004, yet still valid today.

How Well=Spoken Are You?

The average American is lacking in sixth-grade speaking and writing skills.  You are invited to test your own awareness of language encountered every day, online and elsewhere.

How's Your Driving?

Do you fancy yourself a good automobile driver?  Nearly everyone thinks so; yet most are mistaken.  Details inside.

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