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 transcription for solo piano & Ted Muller

Completed in 1916, the gorgeous orchestral work The Planets features a segment dedicated to each of the solar system's seven known planets other than earth (Pluto was not discovered until 1930).

This arrangement is an adaptation of the composer's own two-piano transcription of the work.  Several errors in the published sheet music have been corrected so as to conform to the harmonies in the orchestral score.  I personally find the last note (F) played by the left hand in bars 133 and 134 to be out of this world.

Having subsequently discovered that mine is not the only solo-piano transcription of this work, I nevertheless believe that you will find my engraving to be more user-friendly.

Disklavier users:  Set your box to MIDI Definition #1: Grand Piano   Dream mode.  You are in for a real treat!


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