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This exquisite melody incorporates the simple, yet elegant, harmonies that are unique to South America's ranking composer.  It originated in 1917, extracted for solo cello and piano from a symphonic poem/ballet, Naufrágio de Kleônicos.

The MP3 file features a flute solo, a harp accompaniment, and a string ensemble as a minimal orchestral filler.  No lead-in measure is provided or necessary; by the time the orchestra plays its second chord, the tempo becomes clear.

Since much of the accompaniment is repetitious, a compressed "shorty" version of the score is provided, enabling the entire work to be displayed on just three pages instead of thirteen.  The bracketed numbers [7] indicate the number of times that a sequence is played (the default is 1); as a reference, the top staff displays the solo melody without regard to actual timing.

Recommendation for Disklavier users: Set the keyboard to play MIDI #27 — Jazz Guitar, with Piano voice = ON, and use the sostenuto pedal.  The MP3's key velocities are tailored to this combination.  You will be especially pleased with the result.


Black Swan  .mid preview (2:20)   33 kb
Page 1 13 pages total143 kb
Condensed accompaniment-1 3 pages total178 kb

Black Swan-flute  .mp3 Flute soloist  2.2 mb
Black Swan-sheet music .zip 16 pages in pdf format 516 kb
Black Swan  .zip 2 MIDI files,
2 Finale 2005 files,
2 XML transportable files
180 kb

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