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SCARAMOUCHE — Suite for Two Pianos Darius Milhaud

Arranged for two pianos in 1939 from incidental music for Molière's Le Mèdecin Volant, this is a lively jeu d'esprit, charming and witty in the style of the children's work from which it was derived.

The MP3 secondo parts are separated into the three movements.  For parts 1 and 3, there is a 1-measure count-off.  For part 2, Secondo plays the first bar of the primo part as a lead-in.


Scaramouche  .mid preview (9:41)   78 kb
Part 1: Vif 10 pages total182 kb
Part 2: Modéré 6 pages192 kb
Part 3: Brazileira 8 pages251 kb
Primo part, page 1 12 pages192 kb
Scaramouche-secondo-1  .mp3 Secondo, Part 1  3.2 mb
Scaramouche-secondo-2  .mp3 Secondo, Part 2  2.7 mb
Scaramouche-secondo-3  .mp3 Secondo, Part 3  3.1 mb
Scaramouche-sheet music  .zip 36 pages in pdf format  1.3 mb
Scaramouche  .zip 4 MIDI files,
2 Finale 2005 files,
2 XML transportable files
436 kb

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