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PETITE SUITE for piano, four hands Claude Debussy

This relatively early work (1889) was orchestrated by Henri Busser in 1907.  Four atmospheric movements evoke diverse scenes and moods.  En Bateau and Cortége, taking their titles from poems by Paul Verlaine, depict the rocking movements of a boat and a courtly procession respectively.  Menuet evokes the Baroque dance, while Ballet is a lighthearted romp through the galop and waltz styles.

This is an "original edition" — that is, as the composer intended it.  Together with a MIDI file for the complete work, there are individual MP3's for each secondo movement, with count-off beats as follows:  (1) 2 dotted quarters; (2) 2 beats; (3) 3 beats; (4) filled-in first measure.  An alternative sequencing for Cortége enables a 20% slower playback.  Sheet music for the primo part alone reduces page-turning.


Petite Suite  .mid preview (12:35)   76 kb
Part 1: En Bateau 27 pages total206 kb
Part 2: Cortége 209 kb
Primo part, page 1 14 pages total181 kb

PS-secondo-1  .mp3 Secondo, Part 1 11.6 mb
PS-secondo-2  .mp3 Secondo, Part 2  3.0 mb
PS-secondo-2-slow  .mp3 Secondo, Part 2 (slow)  3.7 mb
PS-secondo-3  .mp3 Secondo, Part 3  2.9 mb
PS-secondo-4  .mp3 Secondo, Part 4  3.2 mb
Petite Suite-sheet music  .zip 41 pages in pdf format  1.6 mb
Petite Suite  .zip  6 MIDI files,
2 Finale 2005 files,
2 XML transportable files,
493 kb

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