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SONATA IN D FOR TWO PIANOS, k.448/375a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This work, composed in 1781, was Mozart's only sonata for two pianos.  The eminent editor and historian Alfred Einstein, wrote, "... not a single shadow darkens its cheerful character.  The artistry of balance and dialogue between the two pianos, the delicacy of the figuration, the sense of texture in blending and exploiting the registers of the instrument are all of such supreme mastery that the seemingly 'superficial' and enthralling composition becomes one of the most profound and mature Mozart ever wrote."

Due to the file sizes and playing times, the MP3 secondo parts are sequenced separately for the three movements; each has a 1-measure lead-in.


Sonata D  .mid preview (25:56) 218 kb
Page 1 53 pages total 199 kb
Primo part, page 1 22 pages total 224 kb

Sonata D-secondo-1  .mp3 Second piano part, Mvmt. 1  9.5 mb
Sonata D-secondo-2  .mp3 Second piano part, Mvmt. 2  2.3 mb
Sonata D-secondo-3  .mp3 Second piano part, Mvmt. 3  6.9 mb
Sonata D-sheet music  .zip 77 pages in pdf format  2.2 mb
Sonata D  .zip 4 MIDI files,
2 Finale 2005 files,
2 XML transportable files
674 kb

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