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SONATA IN D, k.381 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

As was the case with so many of Mozart's works, this delightful romp through a sunlit meadow was composed for a fancy dress ball.  Mozart regularly performed his own music for these occasions.  For four-hand works he partnered with his sister Maria Anna (nicknamed "Nannerl"), herself a highly gifted musician.

The MP3 file has one measure of lead-in beats for each movement,  preceded by a short pause between movements.   An optional program suppresses all repeats for a shorter playing time.


Sonata 381  .mid preview  (17:02) 123 kb
Page 1 21 total pages248 kb
Primo part, page 1 10 total pages217 kb

Sonata 381-secondo  .mp3 Secondo part  7.9 mb
Sonata 381-sheet music  .zip 41 pages in pdf format   1.3 mb
Sonata 381  .zip 3 MIDI files,
3 Finale 2005 files,
XML transportable file
414 kb

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