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WALTZ IN D-FLAT  (Minute Waltz) Frederic Chopin

As the composer was trying to depict a dog chasing its tail, he originally named this piece Petit chien (Little Dog).  Subsequently the music publisher coined the nickname "Minute", intending it as a reference to "small" rather than playing time.  In fact fully 1½-2½ minutes are required to perform the work, even by a virtuoso.

This arrangement is just slightly easier than the parent work for each participant to play; both pianists echo the melody, while the bass-clef duties are shared.

The MP3 secondo part has a 1-measure, 3-beat lead-in.  There are ritards in bars 68-70 and 108-109.


Minute Waltz-preview  .mp3 preview (1:43)  1.8 mb
Minute Waltz, page 1 6 pages total 193 kb

Minute Waltz-secondo.  mp3 Secondo part  1.8 mb
Minute Waltz  .zip sheet music in pdf format,
MIDI files,
3 Finale 2005 files,
XML file
 557 kb

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