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FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE (arr. for vibraphone) N. Rimsky-Korsakov

In the Russian fairy-tale Tsar Sultan," Prince Gvidon made several attempts to visit the father he has never seen.  He appeared first as a mosquito, then a gnat, a fly, and finally as a bumblebee.  This music portrays the prince's escape after having stung the evil sister on the nose.

This popular violin piece was later transcribed for piano solo by Rachmaninoff.  It also has been performed in a number of other styles, most notably a virtuoso trumpet solo by Al Hirt.

Optional pages are included for the piano accompaniment alone, but you might find it easier to use the full pages.  The MP3 solo part has a 2-measure lead-in.


Flight Of The Bumblebee  .mid preview (1:16)  12 kb
Page 1 5 pages total197 kb
Piano part, page 1  3 pages total184 kb

Flight Of The Bumblebee-vibraphone  .mp3 Vibraphone soloist 2.0 mb
Flight Of The Bumblebee  .zip sheet music in pdf format
2 MIDI files,
2 Finale 2005 files,
2 XML transportable files
425 kb

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