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EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIK (arr. for piano & strings) W. A. Mozart

"A Little Night-Music", also known as the Serenade in G major, was composed in 1787, under the employ of Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II.  One of the five original movements has been lost.  Originally scored for strings alone, this popular work now is performed using a variety of instrumental combinations.

For this arrangement, the piano plays the two treble (violin) parts, while the lower (viola and cello) parts are represented by MIDI definition #49: String Ensemble.  There are two MP3 files for the string accompaniment; one suppresses all repeats for a shorter playing time.

Sheet music has been provided for the piano part only; the full score is available in MUS and XML format.  If you think that the music looks easy or trivial, you might have cause to change your mind after trying it.  Emulating the style of a violin is not so easy!  No effort has been made to render this work more "piano-friendly"; any alterations of the original score were merely to eliminate duplication of piano notes.

Each movement has a 1-bar lead-in before the strings sound, as indicated in the score; in movements 3 and 4, the piano part begins on the last beat of the lead-in measure.


Eine Kleine-piano & strings  .mid preview (25:50)183 kb
Page 1 27 pages total203 kb
Piano part, page 1 14 pages total207 kb

Eine Kleine-strings (repeats)  .mp3 String ensemble24.0 mb
Eine Kleine-strings (no repeats)  .mp3 String ensemble13.0 mb
Eine Kleine-sheet music  .zip 41 pages in pdf format 1.1 mb
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik  .zip 3 MIDI files,
2 Finale 2005 files,
2 XML transportable files
406 kb

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