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This six-part piano duet, written between 1894 and 1896, was inspired by a charming and delightful little girl named Hélène Bardac, the daughter of a neighbor banker's wife named Emma.  A talented musician herself, Emma had an intense affair with Fauré, then eventually married Claude Debussy.  Hélène was nicknamed Dolly due to her diminutive size.  The various segments of the work commemorated aspects of Dolly's life and served as birthday presents.

Only the outstanding first and last movements of the score are featured here.  Berceuse (a Lullaby) served as theme music for BBC's Listen with Mother radio program.  The soothing melody over a gently rocking accompaniment suggests a cradle song.  Le Pas Espagnole (Spanish Dance), an exhilarating allegro full of Latin rhythms and color, was named after a bronze equestrian statue created by Fauré's father-in-law Emmanuel; it was admired by Dolly and sat on her mantelpiece.

Berceuse:  To get started, Secondo plays the first two measures.  I have added a second ritard at the end and a fermata on the last chord.

Le Pas Espagnole:  There is a choice of MP3 files for Secondo; one is the standard Allegro (q=120), and one is somewhat slower (q=100).  There is but a 3-beat lead-in; be ready, or you will miss it.


Dolly-Berceuse-preview  .mp3 preview (2:40)  2.4 mb
Dolly-Le Pas Espagnole-preview  .mp3 preview (2:07)  2.0 mb
Berceuse, Page 1 5 pages 173 kb
Le Pas Espagnole, Page 1 7 pages 199 kb

Dolly Suite.  pdf sheet music, 24 pages  1.1 mb
Dolly-Berceuse-Secondo.  mp3 Secondo part  2.4 mb
Dolly-Le Pas Espagnole-Secondo (120).  mp3 Secondo part  2.0 mb
Dolly-Le Pas Espagnole-Secondo (100).  mp3 Secondo part, reduced tempo  2.3 mb
Dolly  .zip 3 MIDI files,
6 Finale 2005 files,
2 XML files
 650 kb

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