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For Windows XP or greater

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Note:  Previously, HRwin had been offered for sale.  The increasing popularity of card-dealing machines, however, has changed the landscape.  Today, those vendors include software for generating random hands and producing double-dummy analyses — features that previously were unavailable except from dedicated programs such as HRwin.  Additionally, other hand-generator software now is available online, albeit mostly with terrible interfaces.

For those reasons I have made HRwin freely available to all.  Despite all the technological advancement in the field, HRwin remains the easiest program of its type to use, and it continues to produce the best-looking printouts to be found anywhere.

Download:    HRwin

Place this archive file wherever you wish to create the program folder.  Once the files have been extracted from the Zipfile, you may move them elsewhere (but keep them bundled together) or rename the /HANDREC folder as desired.

To get started, I recommend that you read the online user reference; just access the Help link provided on the program screen, or go here:

Happy Handrecords!

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