Ted's Bridge World Software

My programs are friendly, non-invasive, and virus-free.  They leave no footprint and display no pop-ups or screen clutter.  These compact utilities simply reside on your hard disk awaiting a call to action.  Windows-95 or greater is required.

All programs can be placed in a single folder such as \BRIDGE if desired; they will not interfere with each other in any manner, and they can share certain system files.


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Hand Record Generator
  • Crispy-clean post-session handouts
  • Lightning-fast double-dummy analyses
  • Printouts for at-the-table board duplication
  • Secure multi-user capability
  • Optional color printing of card symbols
  • Online user manual


4-in-1 Opening Bid Evaluator
  • Kaplan-Rubens 4-C's (KnR) count
  • Zar Points
  • Kleinman Points
  • Culbertson Honor Tricks


Hand Records to DeepFinesse
  • One-step conversion of 36 HRWIN deals to DeepFinesse for detailed analysis
  • Online user manual
  • (requires free DeepFinesse® software)

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