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Using Multiple Monitors with ACBLscore

Yes, it can be done.  Explicit instructions are provided on a way to use ACBLscore without compromising the functionality of a multi-screen environment, and without resorting to the use of an additional computer.  Once set up, this system is fast and easy to use.



Some Hotkeys for ACBLscore

Several functions can be made faster and easier to implement, making a director's life easier near the end of a session.  Some experience with navigating Windows is required.

Click here:   HOTKEYS


Table Guide Cards for Howells and Individuals

Would you like some original movements to serve special functions?  How about improvements upon some existing schedules?  Downloadable files enable easy printing of ready-to-use guide cards.  Included movement driver files can be incorporated into ACBLscore; and all can be used with electronic scoring.

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Go here:   GUIDE CARDS


Print Your Own Travelers

Have you not yet converted to electronic scoring?  If not, are you weary of writing scores on travelers that feature confusing placement of columns or archaic provisions for matchpointing?  These travelers eliminate those issues with graphics in PDF format, scaled to fit within ¼-inch borders on standard 8½×11 sheets.  All that you need is a paper cutter.


Included is a page of 4-up 'shorty' travelers for a maximum of 9 tables.

Download:   TRAVELER_FORMS.PDF     This file is safe!


Game Setup Form

There are sheets for 13, 18, or 20 tables.

Game Setup Form

Download:   GAME_SETUP_FORMS.PDF     No viruses here!

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