Ted's Fun & Games The Ultimate Boggle Challenge

Boggle Layout Although more dense layouts have been discovered by Boggle-solving computer programs, I shook this one myself.  It contains more than 200 words including at least 16 words of 8 letters or more!

See how many you can find, using these House Rules:

1. Words must contain 4 or more letters (this game never was intended as a speed-writing contest).

2. You may not add a simple "s" to pluralize a word or change a verb form, unless it will make an 8-letter or longer word.  So "makes" is invalid, but "materials" is acceptable.  Adding "es" is okay.

3. The Scrabble Dictionary is your definitive guide.  No proper nouns, possessives, or compound words are allowed.  Contractions, acronyms, abbreviations, prefixes, and suffixes are not words.  Also excluded are slang and obsolete or archaic terms.

4. Otherwise, standard Boggle rules apply:  any letter (die) may be used only once in a word, and in each case the next letter must be adjacent to the previous one (including diagonals).  So after "A" you may select "M" or "N" or "E" or "E" or "T".

My listing contains 208 words under the House Rules; there may be others.

For a password to the answer page, send email to: ted@tedmuller.us

Password required for answers

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