Ted's Fun & Games The Most Fantastic Chess Ending
of Them All?

Most Fantastic Chess Ending

White to play and mate in two

This amazing layout was designed by C. Coumondy of France.  The finish is as spectacular as it is unlikely.  Give it a try; it's worth the effort.

Do not read further until you have decided.  Solution below.


Most Fantastic Chess Ending Solution

If black makes any other play, white simply moves his rook anywhere.  Game over.

I call this the King Jeopardy Coup.  Although Black cannot put white in check within a single move, white places his own king such that it can be attacked in eleven different ways!  If that isn't a record, it must be mighty close to it.  In any case, white has a game-ending counter irrespective of black's play.

And that's a bizarre and fantastic ending indeed!

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