Ted's Fun & Games An Indian Christmas Carol

On a night in chilly winter
In a cave where slept the cattle
Mara, fairest maid and purest
Bore her son in humble manner
Whilst the creatures stood about them
She with care in rude rags wrapped him
Gave him love, and milk to feed him
Laid him in a bed of grasses

Bright above them shone the moonlight
Softening the evening shadows
Soaring higher still, an eagle
Beckoned huntsmen on the hillside
Led them to the tiny warrior
Showed them to his lowly shelter
Brought they strings of beads and sea shells
Rabbit fur in which to warm him

With the sunrise came the breezes
Laden with the joyous tidings
Telling of the newborn chieftain
Son of Manitu, the Great One
Glory to the infant boychild
Peace to children of the desert

by Mary Lou Muller (1956) and Ted Muller (1990)

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