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A Tribute to Joe Farley

Although my late, great partner Joe has been mentioned previously in this column, he is deserving of further mention.  This story was provided by Mark Ralph, a fine player from San Francisco and the son of the west player on this deal:


In third seat, Joe opened 1 on his singleton.  Don Ralph, who had a lot of imagination and who had played against Joe on a number of occasions, overcalled 3 on his singleton!

North jumped to 4.  Realizing that he had been out-psyched by the old man on his left, Joe knew that his proverbial goose was cooked; but he could do little other than to pass.

After Don doubled that contract for a 1400-point set, Joe congratulated his opponent for a "good bid".

Had the vulnerability been different, the east player might have "sacrificed" in 5, in which case the goose would have been warming in another pot!

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